The Entrepreneurs

Henning Thoresen
Founder, Marketing Manager, board member and joint owner with responsibility for sales with 20 years’ experience of the beer and wine markets, both nationally and internationally. Beer and wine lover with a big heart for Sagene’s industrial history.

Knut Johannessen
Chairman, General Manager and joint owner with joint responsibility for sales and administration. 30 years’ managerial experience of brand-building and distribution from Jordan, Pepsi Cola, Stabburet and Orkla Foods. Beer lover and newly converted Sagene patriot.

Leif Christian Brodtkorb
Joint owner, board member and one of Norway’s most experienced master brewers. Since he took his diploma at Copenhagen School of Brewing in 1978, he has worked as a production manager/master brewer in Spendrup (Sweden), at Ringnes Arendals Bryggeri, for Ringnes nationally, built Hansa’s new brewery in Bergen, built Lervig brewery in Stavanger and conducted major and vital technical studies for Grans bryggeri, Borg Bryggeri, Christiansands Bryggeri and Mack in Tromsø. Since 2009, he has held the position of technical director and chairman of the board at Norway’s second oldest brewery, Arendals Bryggeri, where he also is a majority shareholder. Beer guru and champion of Arendal’s brewing traditions from southern Norway.

Kristian Ivsett Johnsen
Head brewer, board  member and joint owner. Second-generation home brewer with a passion for beer. He has many years of experience as a home-brewer, as well as an MSc in biology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Beer visionary and Oslo patriot.

Morten Øvland
Finance Manager, MBA from Bodø Graduate School of Business. Thirteen years’ experience within financial management, administration and controlling within the fields of property, technology and construction/engineering. Beer lover and Sagene patriot.