About the Brewery

Marketing Manager and founder, Henning Thoresen

Sagene Bryggeri AS is a Norwegian brewery which was founded on 9 January 2013. The brewery was established by Henning Thoresen (marketing manager) in partnership with Leif Christian Brodtkorb, Knut Johannesen, Kristian Ivsett Johnsen and Morten Øvland. Today, the brewery is owned by the founders, together with some good friends and close family, all of whom share a passion for good beer and the rich industrial history of the Sagene area.

“Stallen” at Hjula weaving mill

In January 2014, Sagene Bryggeri moved into venerable industrial premises in Sagene itself. Sagene Bryggeri’s head office and sales outlet are situated in “Stallen”, a historic building and part of the former industrial premises of Hjula weaving mill. Not far away is the craft brewery, where all special beers will be developed and produced.

Over the next 20 years, the brewery is aiming to become one of Norway’s leading craft breweries, and we are targeting both local and national distribution, as well as international distribution through international agents and importers.

Autumn 2014 will see the launch of three new beers by Sagene Bryggeri: Sagene Pilsner, Sagene mørk vinter and Sagene sterk jul. Sagene Lys Sommer and a number of other exciting beers – for both the grocery sector and the Vinmonopol state alcohol monopoly – are set to be launched in the spring.
Sagene Bryggeri is already registered as a supplier to all the leading grocery store chains, such as Norges Gruppen (Meny, Kiwi, Ultra, Centra, Jacobs, Spar and Joker), Coop, Rema 1000 and Ica/Rimi.

We have listed strong beer (beer over 4.7%) in the Vinmonopol system for launch in October 2014, and we are working to establish more collaboration agreements with pubs, cafés, hotels and restaurants for the sale of beer in casks and bottles.
As part of the development of the brewery, and the local affinity to Sagene, the aim is for Sagene Bryggeri to have its own beer sales outlet, where we will also sell a number of special variants which will only be available here – local special variants produced specially for the club, bar and restaurant market.

A case of Sagene pilsner

Sagene Bryggeri is thrilled to see the strong interest in beer in Norway. We had  nearly 1500 followers on Facebook on launch day, before we had sold even a single bottle of beer. We will respond to and develop this interest by offering courses for both brewing and tasting.

In order to serve the market as well as possible, as regards both the grocery sector and the Vinmonopol state monopoly, the bottling of beer for Sagene Bryggeri will take place at two sites – at our own craft brewery at Sagene and under licence by Arendals Bryggeri in Arendal.

A long-term collaboration agreement has been established between Arendals Bryggeri AS and Sagene Bryggeri AS, according to which the parties will assist each other with relevant expertise and give each other access to each other’s brewery facilities in order to develop new and exciting varieties of beer. This arrangement will also give Sagene Bryggeri the capacity to deliver the large volumes needed to the grocery sector.

Bars, clubs and restaurants are important for Norwegian craft breweries. More and more restaurants are developing extensive beer menus, with many different types of ales and lagers. We are also seeing an exciting move towards local beer and food, with a strong focus on culture, environment and local identity.

Sagene Bryggeri will try to live up to this by developing new and exciting varieties of beer at our craft brewery – situated in the heart of the city, for the city.